17 years of experience in audio
post-production and a lifetime of composing.

We provide original music scoring and sound design services for broadcast television, radio and web. Serve as a music broker representing many songwriters. We are a resource of all styles of music and voices drawn from a private collection; edited and prepared for your production with care. As contributing library composers with worldwide distribution, we enjoy special privileges that are passed on to you.

There is Nothing we can’t create...

So then it’s just a question of creativity, inspiration, performance & technology.
Oh and a budget!

Mix and Editorial to picture for Television and Film. Advertising for TV and Radio providing Voice, SFX, Music Licensing and Mix for a great price.

Original Music for any application. Currently we are helping in the development of library tracks for the DISCOVERY Channel program “Unusual Suspects”.

We can provide Music from our library or custom mixed to proper broadcast specifications and delivered in a timely/cost friendly manner.

Ready to record on location? There are many possible scenarios when it comes to capturing audio in the field. Your project may be unique but there are remote recording options you may not have considered that we can facilitate for you. From a couple of wireless interview microphones to a multi-track session with an entire ensemble, let us help you acquire the highest quality sound for a reasonable price. Engineers drawn from a team of highly qualified, problem solving, technically sound individuals who love their work. Here is a recent location gig at American Airlines before the show.

"Creating something special every day"

Post Production of audio consist of 5 basic elements.  Location Audio, edited and processed.  Voice Over recording and Dialogue Replacement Sound Effects, Sound Design and BackgroundsMusic, and Final Mix.   We specialize in preparation of all the elements and their synchronization with picture.   Voice Over talent is available from many sources.  We can assist you from concept to script to final recording.  Sound Effects are our specialty.  A huge library of effects compiled over the years is always available but often the preparation of specific new effects synced to your image is powerful.  Take advantage of the field packages for unique location effects.  Sound Design from real to unreal environments sets the tone that nature sometimes can't.

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Phone:                   214-926-2666


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