Sound Advice

So long in fact that there are few requests I have not heard. If your project requires a critical ear and attention to detail you should feel comfortable here. I have been working with Pro Tools almost exclusively during that time and have grown with the software and the industry at large. Mixing to picture is my specialty and can take the best or worst quality source material and with a little time, make a soundtrack that will make you smile. Composing music weekly for many uses including library material you can purchase through me or through the libraries. Take advantage of my writers ear. Change the sublime to super stupendous!

JD has been recording and editing sound for more years than it’s good to mention.


Sound Decisions

There are some things you might not realize are happening… when suddenly what sounded average, becomes incredible. TP brings a skill to the console that makes all the buttons and lights become magical. A highly skilled composer and guitarist who makes every note sing. Purposeful in his approach, every detail of your mix gets the attention that many overlook. This takes time and we ask that you consider that detail when you are planning your project. Give TP time and a purpose and listen to the results. All this while welcoming your direction and ideas to create harmony in the mix.

TP is a musician and editor who can find your gem in the rough.

Sound Performer

As a bass performer Jeff has never been presented a part that he takes for granted. Finding what is special before anyone else realizes what was missing is his specialty. Nuance is a tricky word until you hear his work. Then it can easily be mistaken as masterful. Never underestimate what one person can bring.

Jeff will always “bring” it.

Jeff brings style, creativity, desire and performance to our music without equal.


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