The audio we create is not in a vacuum. We understand the importance of your images
and how we compliment them.

There are many times when fun is not on the radar. But almost always there is some
aspect of fun in music. Creating something special for everyone to hear can be a
challenge and other times quite easy. Usually requiring detailed planning and yet
other times a complete magical accident. We hope you will consider giving our music
a try and put some fun back in your ears.

Mixing to picture is an art of it’s own and each element needs attention. Sound Effects and Sound Design built from ground up. Field acquisition of things you just can’t fake find on a disk. Sonic patterns and backgrounds that don’t seem like music, but can communicate as much information as a full score. Translating your message through sound is our primary function. We make is all from the ground up. Whether synchronous voice from the field or Voice Over recording and ADR,


"What a treat to hear some real performance not just a bag of loops. Positive in nature energetic at it's core.
Here is something different that is hard to find but worth the search. Great!"   

First to Last - John Dennis 

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Phone:                   214-926-2666


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